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Group Arashi

My god, how long have we knew each other? On the first day of high school of our freshmen year, we've met. =) I can never forget that single moment where we became the closest and bestest of friends. Just the four of us, Mai, Rose, You and myself. Everything was memorable on that day how Mai scared you and how I've met Rosie. 8D All is great, ♥ May this day of being seventeen be as special as you've seen it through your very eyes. I love the gift you gave me for my birthday tomorrow, thank you for bringing it. Remember, no matter how far apart we are, we will remain the closest of friends no matter what.

It was great seeing your surprise face during 3rd period. I hoped I made it memorable for you. I could just imagine the bus driver be looking at you like "WTF?" :D Especially carrying all those balloons. 8D I hope what that 'surprise' made you feel happy & special for your day after all the stupid stress going on.

Happy birthday.

Enjoy your day.

I can't wait till tomorrow when we hang out!

♥ you Justin~!!!!!!!

[Joooppp] 8D

Tomorrow is my birthday!

Rose: Hun, don't worry about anything ;) =3 Just remember what I told you dear.

Chi: Thank you so much for helping us out. :D

Jumana: Get rest.


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