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Desperate to escape from Boredom...
Group Arashi
Actually, not completely desperate but I have always ♥ reading.

Please recommend me some books/authors~~!!

still a small hiatus though since school started

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Terry Pratchett and Douglad Adams. They're always good for when you've got school as well. Mervyn Peake too if you can get him

I'll check them out~ thanks

I second Terry Pratchett. Clive Barker's "Abarat" series is also interesting (yes, it's in the Young Adult section, and yes, there are only two books out of the five published.)

Hmm... ah, yes. I also rec Kouji Suzuki and Neil Gaiman.

Heh; I'll check Barker's out too. :D Kouji Suzuki. Will see~! :D I like the name Kouji. [random I KNOW]

Btw, his name is also romanized as 'Koji' in the translated novels that I buy.

the books i'd rec depends on the kinds of genres you're into. i really liked harlan coben's "tell no one". it's a suspense thriller and i thought it was so smart.

anything by john grisham is good (my personal fave is "skipping christmas" because it's so funny. i've read it over 20 times, haha. but "runaway jury" would be a good novel to introduce yourself to his typical type of work. it's smartly written too).

now if you're into romance novels, my favorite romance writer ever is judith mcnaught. her historicals are really good, but i enjoy her modern ones too. "something wonderful" would probably be a good one to start with to see if you like her stuff. i've read a lot of romance novel writers, and she's my absolute fave.

robin mckinley writes fantasy and does a good job retelling fairy tales. her book called "beauty" is a retelling of beauty and the beast and i cried and cried reading it. very, very good.

if you want to read something that will get your brain thinking, ayn rand's "the fountainhead" is absolutely awesome. it's 700 pages though, so that might be too much. as a baby step, you might want to check out her 100 page "anthem" which is really good and philosophical too, but not overwhelmingly so. you can read it for free here:

let me know what kinds of genres you're into and i'd be happy to rec some more. ^o^

Thanks Cin~~!! :D I'll seek it out in my library or the bookstore [since it's summer & i have like... 3 more weeks of summer school left & a couple of days].
I am particularly fond of romance & fantasy ones. :D

hey, no prob! i love that feeling when i discover a new book or writer i haven't explored before. i hope you get the same feeling. lemme know your thoughts on the books. if you're really into romantic fantasy, you should like robin mckinley. she's considered a master or something.

also, if you haven't discovered mercedes lackey, melanie rawn, anne mccaffrey and you say that you're into fantasy, you need to get crackin'. i'm not into fantasy and even _i_ know their names, lol.

Hi =D
Now that exams are over, i go hrough my flist and leave comment to my new friends, that i'm not that 'pick then never see again' kind of friend, and i'll try my best to keep myself updated from now on. memory is a big mess and usually misfunctionating, so it will be a bit difficult for me to remember everything about everybody T_T Sorry!
Do you remember why we friended each other? It was i friending meme in yongwonhi, but i dun remember how we met >.< See? I said my memory is so shitty ~.~
okay, i'm babbling again...
be good~

We friended each other-- yongwonhi's meme. =) I think it was because we had the same interests of j-rock or something like that? My memory serves no justice either. 8D

I don´t know where to write you this but here it is the Meteor Garden episode 02 so you can reupload it on MU on the community :

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
part 4 :

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Thank you. :) I'll reupload it on MU~ :D

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